Kendall Jenner Rob Kardashian Socks: Photoshoot

Kendall Jenner's star has been slowly rising, as the Kardashian half-sister earns more and more modeling jobs (enough to score her a New York Times profile). So how is she paying her newfound success forward? By helping out her big bro, Rob Kardashian.

Kendall and her younger sister, Kylie, posed for new promo photos for Arthur George, Rob's sock line. Yes, Rob's collection of blindingly colorful socks is still in existence and growing: Kendall posted the photos on her blog with the note, "There are so many styles available online and they’re coming out with even more at Neiman Marcus stores on July 1st!"

We'll consider it, Kendall, next time we're in the market for blue and purple zebra-stripe socks. In the meantime, maybe you can help Rob out with some design advice? That Kendall & Kylie for PacSun collection wasn't half bad...

kendall jenner photo shoot

kendall jenner photo shoot

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Rob Kardashian to Launch Dress Sock Business

Rob Kardashian has revealed that he has plans in the pipeline to launch his very own range of Dress Socks. Rob claims that he has wanted to do something like this for a very long time and that he has so many different ideas and designs that he feels the time is now right. Rob admitted that he is not associating his Dress Sock business to the Kardashian brand, as he no longer wants to sell out the family name to make money.
Kardashian explained, “I feel like everybody likes a dress sock. No one wants to see a boring tube sock. I am very passionate about it and I think guys and girls agree with me. Plus you can give your dress socks to your girlfriend when she sleeps over. Just dress socks, nothing less, nothing more. I am working on a dress sock line of funky, colorful, cool designs. I am meeting with manufacturers and you will be seeing and hearing about it soon. I have all these designs in my head and I am very into it.”

He added, “I don’t care about the Kardashian brand at all. This is something I have been wanting to do. I don’t care for it to be a ‘Kardashian’ thing. I haven’t made a final decision with the name, but I have no intention of doing something in front of the camera for monetary gain. I don’t care. It is my own thing. I feel like dress socks differentiate you in a different way, especially men in suits who just have the traditional business suit. The dress sock is the way to change it up in your mind and I like wearing my pants up higher so you see them.” Good luck to you Rob Kardashian!